Monday, January 6, 2014

I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio

Despite the confounding title, I found this book to be a very simple, easy read, yet packed with imperative truth. The main purpose of the book is to bring the reader to a full comprehension of God's completeness, His omniscience/omnipotence/omnipresence, while simultaneously highlighting the finite incompleteness of our own selves. However, the author also impresses upon the reader the necessary realization that though we are insignificant, the great I Am loves us and cares about us more than we could ever imagine!

Although it was not a particularly main point in the book, the part that I loved the most pointed out that "I Am" is a form of the verb "Be". Therefore, in the English, certain passages in the Bible gain more significance with this knowledge - "The Word, Be, came flesh", "And we, Be held", "and her who was not Be loved, I will call Be loved".

In conclusion, this book highlighted obvious truth in a new way to allow the reader a new depth of understanding and appreciation for our place in this world and our relationship with the Creator. There was little profound discovery or new information, but the reminder of these important facts was definitely worth the read! Four and a half stars.